Filtering Standards, Using Decimals, Updating Auto-Grading, and More!

March 28, 2022

The Good Stuff

Whether you're using filtering standards, using decimals, or updating auto-grading, these updates will help you stay on top of everything! Let what matters most take center stage: your students' learning.

Filter the Tracker Standards View

You can now filter the Tracker Standards view by a specific formative! Teachers can focus on the standards performance of an assessment, which is useful for analyzing Common Assessments. The feature can be assessed directly from the Standards Trackers or from the "View Standards Score" button under the triple-dot menu of a formative.

Decimals as Partial Points in Rubrics

Rubrics can now accept decimals as partial points, which gives teachers more grading flexibility.

Share Modal with New Functions

We updated the share modal with additional functionalities.

  • The three sharing options (collaborator, publishing to library, and sending a copy) will each have separate tabs.
  • Partner users who have edit and assign access to the formative can now add other partner users in their organization as an assign-only collaborator using a link.

Our districts and large schools who use Formative for common assessments can now send out one link to the teachers who need to assign the formative to their students instead of individually typing in emails, thus saving time and improving the experience of sharing common assessments.

"Spaces" Don't Factor into Auto-Grading

Auto-grading on numeric questions will no longer take into account "spaces" added to answers.

UI Improvements

  • The “Previous” button will be removed from the first section of student formative navigation.
  • Modal refresh has been applied to the export modal.
  • Updated to Student Submission Footer: it now highlights a note to "Please answer required questions" and centers text.
  • We adjusted styling so that the non-interactive-text editable area has a gray background color, which is similar to other content-item types. We also improved scroll behavior.
  • Confirmation modals (Archiving Class and Changing Question Types) got a new design.
  • The "full sized" preview will no longer take up the entire screen; it will instead take up roughly half the screen.
  • The blue header is gone for a sleeker feel.
  • We wrapped the One Roster keys to make them a bit more user-friendly!
  • Allowed enter/return key to submit the join-code form. This would allow an iPad’s on-screen keyboard to submit the form.


  • The Results view has changed to reflect new design updates: for example, there’s a new look for the Results view that includes more white space and a gridded layout.
  • We’ve added the ability to add answers to the answer key when multiple students are selected during manual grading.
  • Student Avatars will show in the Tracker: In the Tracker view, student avatars will appear as either their Formative-created avatar, Google avatar (if linked to Google classroom), or their initials if neither avatar pic exists.
  • The middle finger emoji is no longer available in student or teacher messaging!
  • We’ve made minor UI changes to the Add Section icon in Formatives List and tracker-export button.
  • The MathLive built-in roman keyboard has been replaced with a custom roman keyboard - the ABC keyboard will not show with number pad.
  • For sectioned formatives, the “Previous” and “Next” buttons have been moved to the footer of student pages rather than the header. This is thought to be a more intuitive position for the buttons. The last section has a “Submit” button vs. a “Next” button.
  • Sorting options in the Trackers will improve; they will be more intuitive and allow alphabetical and numerical sorting.
  • Assignments will be shareable via Microsoft Teams for users whose classes are synced through Teams.
  • Additional two-step handshake security has been added to Respondus Lockdown.
  • Student avatars will be accompanied by a green indicator when they are signed into a given formative. Teachers will be able to view presence status on the View Responses page.
  • Logic has been added to prevent users from uploading unsafe file extensions. Users will receive a "That file is not supported" notification if they attempt to upload a non-supported file.
  • A new message will let teachers know whether a student's email address is associated with a (potentially rogue) teacher account. The new message includes a link with information on "How to change a teacher account to a student account."
  • Hide "Remove Responses" and "Grade Empty Responses Zero" in the Tracker sidebar since they are not enabled under any circumstance.
  • Users will get an added level of search ability when selecting Standard. Once a user has selected the Standard Set, they can also search by Subject.
  • Only classes that are a part of parent Org A will be listed under Org A in the View Responses hierarchy.
  • Formative Library items will show which Standard has been tagged by the author along with a brief description. Teachers can select the appropriate item to assign. The library "borrower" can then choose to Add or Dismiss the standard in their own use of the formative.
  • Referrals from a "Refer Someone" link and from the Library-share links will include a message confirming that a person is signing up via a referral link.
  • Modal Updates continue, giving the No Internet and Referral modals their new look.
  • The background for Classes and Teams will get an update by replacing the gray with white and updating a few buttons and paddings. The most notable addition for Teams is an "Upgrade this Item" button. For Classes, a visual arrow, which now denotes that you can expand the class, has been moved to the far right.
  • Admins can now filter by formative tags in the Common Assessment view.
  • The demographics sidebar now has a tool-tip explaining which students are included in the "Total Distribution" as well as how many students that is, including graded and ungraded subtotals.
  • The Accommodation visibility icon will be switched to to reflect the current state.
  • Users will have a new checkbox button that makes it more apparent that students can be added to multiple classes at the same time.
  • The Add Team modal received its update.
  • Members can move multiple folders simultaneously.
  • For user avatars, we removed the "Delete image" option from users using their Google image because we are unable to delete Google images.
  • Teachers can toggle if they want to "Ignore Whitespaces" on Numeric question types.
  • The MathLive keyboard is now attached to the input that it affects and will no longer "pop up" from the bottom of the screen. The keyboard is intended to be displayed across the entire viewport; the changes here are an attempt to maintain the same look and feel when it's attached to a container narrower than the viewport width.
  • The LaTeX editor will now allow freshly-added math inputs to begin in edit mode without requiring the user to first click them.
  • A sort of "column" skeleton will be applied to the View Results summary. Each question will be indexed to its column for future work linking standards to questions.

Additional Changes

Bug Fixes

  • 2/22/22: Resolved - Corrected MathLive text-field padding.
  • 2/22/22: Resolved - Removed misplaced “Shared folder” warning.
  • 2/22/22: Resolved - Load OneRoster status fields for orgs, courses, classes, and academic sessions.
  • 2/23/22: Resolved - The horizontal scroll issue was fixed, so all questions should be viewable.
  • 2/23/22: Resolved - Full screen view of student responses was restored to normal, so students' work should not be truncated.
  • 2/23/22: Resolved - Longer student names will not cover completion checkmark.
  • 2/23/22: Resolved - Results totals' data will load when clicking back and forth from the Question to the Totals view.
  • 3/1/22: Resolved - Added a space between author and title in Share with Clone code modal.
  • 3/1/22: Resolved - Fixed Plus + Sign alignment in text blocks.
  • 3/2/22: Resolved - In View Responses, the Totals column will remain in place, so teachers can see students' grades while scrolling.
  • 3/8/22: Resolved - Canvas users can now assign settings and choose classes without trouble. The size of the adjustable window has been fixed.
  • 3/9/22: Resolved - Restored the ability for students to see which rubric levels they achieved.
  • 3/10/22: Resolved - Hid the option to add image answers to Drag-and-Drop questions before a new type has been released.
  • 3/13/22: Resolved - In the Teams tab, users were only able to invite other members as Teachers. Now admins and org managers can invite as Org Managers, and admins can invite as Admins.
  • 3/13/22: Resolved - Allow Mathlive autograding to accept various combinations of parentheses and brackets from both the math and the device keyboards.
  • 3/13/22: Resolved - Fixed the teacher PDF-upload feature.
  • 3/13/22: Resolved - Allowed Free and Premium teachers to generate a Share code in the Share modal.

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